Prom Night

Once in a Lifetime!

Prom night and graduation are fast approaching. The lights, the music, the dreams, the hopes. The lights, the sirens, the nightmares, the emptiness. Quite a contrast. Both are reality. Your parents, family and friends are so excited to see you looking beautiful or handsome as you leave for your prom.

That same excitement holds true for graduation and the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams. Your future is very important to those who love you. You hold the key to that future. How will you use that ever important key? We hope we can help you decide.

We all know that some high school students will use prom and graduation as a reason to drink, drug and drive. Perhaps everyone does not know (or chooses to ignore) that during prom/graduation season some high school students will die. Some will be the intoxicated driver. Some will be the trusting passengers of those drivers.

If you are planning to drink or drug during this special time, please don’t! If you have friends who foolishly believe that they drive better under the influence or have the “it can’t happen to me” mentality, we beg you, do not get into their car.

Pick a word, foolish, stupid, ignorant, naive, arrogant. You get the idea. Harsh words from us to you, you bet! Why? Because we care.

You are one of a kind. You are irreplaceable. You are mortal!

You are the one who must make the choice. It literally could be the last choice you will make in your young life. It is too late for many of our families whose children are dead because of DWI. Dead is such a final word. Dead is such a “harsh” word.

As a DWI victims advocacy organization, we receive phone calls from parents who are difficult to understand. Their grief is so overwhelming that in between their sobs we learn that their child is dead. We listen. We have no words to ease their pain. We have no answer for inevitable question, why?

We do have the answer to how you can help. You can choose not to drink or drug. You can choose to make the right choice. If what we have said has not changed your mind, please click on ‘We’ll Never Forget You.” Maybe these innocent victims will help you understand that you are very special. Life is so precious.

To each of you, all of us at DEDICATEDD hope your prom night is wonderful. Congratulations to all those who are graduating this year. May your futures be filled with much happiness and great achievements.

copyright 2002 Marge Lee – DEDICATEDD