You can help both as an active volunteer and as a member.
Membership: **Because we believe victims have already paid the highest price, for victims membership fees are optional.

Who Can Join? Anyone who wants to help save lives and advocate for victims is eligible for membership.

I am DEDICATEDD to saving lives…Please sign me up as a DEDICATEDD member:

How to join

Individuals $20.00

Family: 40.00

Student: 10.00

Senior Citizen: 10.00

Donation: In Memory Of: Victim’s Name: Date of Crash:

Corporation:* 150.00

*Corporate Members: We encourage all businesses to support the mission of DEDICATEDD. Every employer, no matter how small or large, can set an example for their employees by joining us in our work to keep everyone safe from the devastation caused by drunk, drugged and impaired driving.

Even if you do not have the time to actively volunteer with DEDICATEDD, your donations will go a long way to help support the campaign against drunk, drugged and impaired driving in our communities.

** Because victims have already paid the highest price, membership fees are optional for victims and families of victims.