Because it is a fact that more people are killed and injured on holiday weekends, on the Fourth of July 2003, we introduced our DEDICATEDD EYES program. Our members and supporters are always on the alert as we travel our roadways. What can you do? Do you know what precautions you can take? Do you know what not to do?


Driving 10 mph or less below the posted speed limit
Wide turns
Sudden stops for no apparent reason
Straddling the road or lane marker
Weaving or zigzagging on the roadway
Driving on other than the road
Driving too closely to other vehicles
Almost striking another vehicle or object
Erratic braking
No use or inconsistent use of turn signals
Turning abruptly or illegally
Driving into oncoming traffic
No headlights at night
Slow response to traffic signals (sits at green light, slams on brakes to stop)
Drifting in a straight line at a slight angle to the roadway


Do not attempt to stop the vehicle
Do not try to force the vehicle off the road
Do not get close to the vehicle (impaired drivers make sudden stops and swerve outside the lane in which they travel)
Do not follow if the vehicle is speeding or if you are placing yourself or other drivers in any danger.
Do not break any laws (ignore traffic signals, speed, etc.) in an attempt to follow the vehicle.
Do not attempt to apprehend or detain the impaired driver if they stop
Do not attempt to act in the capacity of any police, fire or medical person unless you are authorized and properly trained to perform that function
Do not attempt to assist any law enforcement officer while they are apprehending an impaired driver unless requested.

The members and supporters of DEDICATEDD celebrate holidays, host and attend parties. Yes, some of us celebrate with alcohol because we are not prohibitionists. We are caring responsible individuals. We will have designated drivers, take a cab, car service, Uber, LYFT, etc., or arrange to stay overnight. We ask that you do the same. Please don’t endanger yourself or others.