Excuses, Excuses!


I’m okay, I don’t have far to go.

I’ll be alright, I’ve driven home drunker with no problem.

I had to drive, everyone else was drunker than me.

I’m okay now, the room has stopped spinning.

I’ll have a few cups of coffee before I leave and I’ll be fine.

Let me splash some cold water on my face and I’ll be fine.

I’ll have something to eat and I’ll be fine.

I’ll drive with the windows open and I’ll be fine.

I had the least amount to drink so I’ll be the designated driver.

I’m okay to drive.

I drive better when I’m drunk, drugged, impaired.

I only had two beers, smoked one joint, did a little ex, snorted a little coke (or whatever your drug of choice and excuse may be)

I’m okay, I’ll drive slow.

I’m okay, I’ll take the backroads.

I didn’t know they were drunk, drugged, impaired when I got in their car.

I didn’t know I was drunk, drugged, impaired.

I know it happens to other people but it could never happen to me.

I’ve driven drunk, drugged, impaired before and nothing ever happened.

I’d give anything to change what happened that night.

If only I had that night to live over.

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

I didn’t mean to kill anyone.